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June Newsletter

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Commander’s Comments

It is my pleasure to once again serve you as your commander. My past experiences as well as those which I have been involved in with our past commanders have given me a broad spectrum to operate with. Each commander has his own personal agenda, along with those responsibilities established by our national headquarters and department. I welcome those new and returning officers to assist me in monitoring our operating environment. It is my plan to allow those officers, elected and appointed, to function within their realm of responsibility. My primary responsibility is to ensure the requirements established by national and department, as well as those by-laws and regulations enacted by our post are met. The house committee will be the primary entity in monitoring the daily operations of the canteen, as well as ensuring the maintenance of our facilities is taken care of. Our quartermaster, Lavern Terbl, and myself will also be members of the decision making process. I request that those of you who are able, to frequently volunteer to assist in the maintenance and operation of the post. With the involvement of our officers and cooperation of our members, we will have another banner year.


Bill Phillips

Chaplain’s Comments

WEALTH—something everyone wants, few succeed, and if you do, you work harder than anyone else to hold on to what you’ve acquired to keep someone from taking it or your children or grandchildren throwing it away. I read a funny story recently about a very wealthy man who worried himself sick and even on his death bed he worried about his money. He got into a heated argument with St. Peter about bringing what he valued the most to Heaven. St. Peter told him he could bring one bag with what he valued most in life. So the man died and was at the gates of Heaven with his bag and St. Peter said “let’s see what’s in your bag that you value so much.” St. Peter looked in the bag and then said to the rich man “this is what you value as great gold?” and the man said “yes.” St. Peter started laughing so hard he could hardly control himself, and the rich man asked, “what’s so funny?” and St. Peter said “what you have brought to heaven is Pavement.” God blesses everyone, may he bless you more. Should you need to reach me, my phone no. is 903-814-8058.


Zip Tarver


Ladies Auxiliary President’s Comments

I would like to thank our President Mary Leidy and the officers, chairmen and all volunteers on the great job they did for our auxiliary last year. In addition, I thank and appreciate all of the new and returning officers and chairmen for the coming year. As we begin our new year, let’s strive to support each other to make this a great auxiliary year. We need more members to become involved with the work we do. Try to attend the meetings. This month we’ll be voting on our projects for the coming year.
We need cooks for Wed night taco dinners and 3rd Sat chicken dinners. If you can help please let me know. These dinners are our main source of income. Our biggest event of the year, Labor of Love, is scheduled for Sunday, Sep 6th. If you’re interested in helping with this event, please attend the committee meeting on Sat, Jun 20th, at 1:00pm.
The membership dues process has changed. There is no reinstating of members and members who have not paid their dues by year end will no longer be carried into the next year. Please pay your dues on time. We will have the life membership raffle again this year. You will receive a notice in the mail. The first 50 members who pay will be in the raffle to receive a free life membership. For further information on membership dues please contact Treasurer Lori Brouillette at 972-849-5697.
Remember to wear red on Fridays to show your support of our military service men and women.

Diane Hinton

Men’s Auxiliary President’s Comments

A fall fundraiser, to take place during Frontier Days on Sep 26th, was introduced by the MAUX and approved by the Post. Funds raised will benefit the VFW lot owner project, PVES and Boots, Books and Beyond.  More information will be provided at the next meeting. Meeting attendance needs to improve as we have discussions regarding funding projects that will assist veterans and with the lake level up, the rebuilding/renovation of the lower lot will be discussed. Please make an extra effort to attend. Thank you.


Bruce Fisher

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